We believe the eyes reflect the beauty of the soul. We offer a custom and tailored treatment to create an effortless, defined and balanced natural look to enhance one’s beauty. Your expert beauty artisan will follow the natural landscape, bone structure, face shape and skin tone of each client to ensure best suited results are achieved.

Our eyelash extensions boosts a lengthened and  volumised look, enhancing the natural lash. We offer a variety of different curls, lengths and thicknesses to help you achieve the look that best suits you.

Fresco Eyebrow Sculpture

Your expert beauty artisan will use a wax, tweeze and alignment method in achieving best suited results.


$25 for 20 minute treatment

Classic Eyebrow Tint

The process involves applying a semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows.

$18 for 15 minute treatment

Classic Eyelash Tint

A classic eyelash tint consists of adding a semi-permanent dye to your eyelashes, giving you dark, full lash without the assistance of mascara.

$18 for 15 minute treatment

Signature Eye trio

The Signature Eye Trio combines the Fresco Eyebrow Sculpture, Classic Eyebrow Tint and Classic Eyelash Tint. Enjoy a relaxing head and scalp massage throughout treatment.

$55 for 60 minute treatment

Classic Eyelash Extensions Full Set

Classic Eyelash Extensions is a technique in which a single extension is applied to one isolated natural lash. Classic eyelashes are perfect for those who are looking for a subtle and simple eye enhancement. 

$70 for 2 hour treatment

Signature Brow Lamination

The Signature Brow Lamination is a perm for long-lasting, fluffy brows. This treatment is ideal for clients who have coarse and unruly hairs, flat/fallen hairs and those who wish to achieve a fuller effect. *Eyebrow sculpt and tint is included.

$80 for 1 hour treatment

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Full Set

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions combines the placement of both classic lashes and volume lashes to the natural lash. They are versatile in offering more volume with added softness.

$80 for 2 hour treatment

3D Volume Eyelash Extensions Full Set

3D Volume Eyelash Extensions uses the application technique of applying pre-made fans to each individual lash. This creates the fluffy, voluminous look.

$90 for 2 hour treatment

Classic Eyelash Extensions Infill

$65 for 90 minute treatment

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Infill

$75 for 90 minute treatment

3D Volume Eyelash Extensions Infill

$85 for 90 minute treatment

Eyelash Extensions Removal

$15 for 15 minute treatment