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All facial treatments at The Fresco Complexion are personalised to target individual skin concerns and achieve optimum skin health. With expertise and knowledge we combine the best active ingredients, specialised masks, technologies and traditional methods to deliver a carefully curated facial.

We work off the belief that with specialised in-salon treatments, committed use of cosmeceutical products and implementation of holistic education obtained, we can achieve desired results.

Rose Quartz Signature Facial

A classically styled facial ideal for encouraging and maintaining optimal skin health. Your skin will be refreshed with a deep double cleanse, pre-steam exfoliation, nutrient rich mask and cosmeceutical finishing products. Including a rose quartz stone massage working to maximise blood flow, increase circulation, encourage skin cell rejuvenation and help combat puffiness and water retention held in the skin.  

$165 for 70 minute treatment

Brightening Power Facial

The ultimate radiance-boosting facial is designed to refresh dehydrated, dull and uneven skin complexions. Powerful exfoliants are used to smooth skin and remove dead surface cells, helping to minimize the appearance of sun damage and age spots. A suited active serum is chosen to be deeply penetrated into epidermal skin layers via a brightening alginate mask rich in antioxidant ingredients. Achieve a beautiful glowing skin with tonal balance. 

$125 for 60 minute treatment

Age Defying Facial

A concentrated corrective serum rich in antioxidants, peptides and proteins will be deeply infused into the skin using sonophoresis ultrasound vibrations to combat signs of ageing, pigmentation and sun damage. This treatment is designed to stimulate collagen and elastin production as well as cell turn over.


$135 for 60 minute treatment

The Prescribed Peel

Our peels embrace a range of AHA, BHA and Enzymes to suit an array of various skin types and conditions. This treatment includes a thorough skin analysis and assessment performed by your therapist to determine what peel will best target your concerns. Results you can expect include a brighter, resurfaced, decongested and re-energized complexion. 


$135 for 60 minute treatment

Signature Microdermabrasion Facial

A non-invasive deep exfoliation designed to mechanically remove the outermost surface layer of dead and damaged skin cells. This treatment uses a gentle vacuuming system and diamond tips to polish, tone and retexturise the complexion.


$125 for 60 minute treatment

Firming and Contouring Facial

This treatment was designed to tone and tighten the skin, with a unique approach that incorporates lymphatic drainage techniques, the utilization of acupressure facial massage points and the layering of active ingredients to leave the skin feeling firm, plump and nourished. 

$145 for 60 minute treatment

Decongest and Detox Facial

The Decongest and detox facial is a targeted treatment designed to alleviate the skin of toxicity, providing deep cleansing using ultrasound vibrations, boosting infusion of active ingredients via a detoxifying mask and rebalancing the skin delivering a clean and clarified complexion. 

$135 for 60 minute treatment

Skin Consultation

A professional assessment that involves examining the skin, discussing conditions and concerns, and providing recommendations for products and treatments tailored to your needs.


Inclusive: Skin diagnosis & cleanse, full treatment program, finishing products.

$50 for 30 minute treatment

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