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All Pedicures at The Fresco Complexion are specifically designed to take you on a personalised journey, with thorough consultation from your therapist, we will determine your best treatment plan, length and nail shape. We aim to restore nail health, remove dry, dead skin on the soles, condition and revitalise skin, ease muscle tension and provide a precise, long lasting polish application. 


Our chosen polish, PAINT is an Australian made, vegan, cruelty free brand following the Breathable, 10 free formula. This is means that it is void of toxic chemicals.

The Bare Pedicure

A replenishing foot and nail treatment, specifically designed 

to revive and repair the health of the natural nail plate, aimed at achieving optimum health. This treatment incorporates keratin proteins to help strengthen and restore moisture, before a salt soak, exfoliation scrub and pedi-rasp is used to remove dry, dead skin cells on the soles, following along with a divine massage of the feet and calf muscles to infuse moisture and hydrate the skin. Nails will be left tidy with a glassy finish, that does not include a polish application. The Bare Pedicure is suited for those who have had long-term use of shellac, powder or acrylics. 

$55 for 45 minute treatment

The PAINT Polish Pedicure

This treatment begins with a revitalising rose petal foot soak, with invigorating sea salt to balance your body's natural energy. An aromatic hot compress is then applied, before your feet are deeply exfoliated and buffed back to reveal soft, smooth skin in preparation for a relaxing foot and leg massage that will stimulate circulation, reduce swelling and soothe tired achy feet.

This treatment includes meticulous nail shaping and cuticle tidying, with your choice of nail polish from our PAINT nail lacquer colour selection range.

$65 for 60 minute treatment

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