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Brooke Pender is the founding Director and the name behind The Fresco Complexion brand. Specialising in treatments that focus on your inner and outer well-being with a unique approach uniting traditional wisdom with the innovation of modern techniques, combining clinical results with holistic education. 

Derived from her love of beauty, artistry and creative pursuits linked to her childhood, Brooke is a true artisan in her field. She is known for her above and beyond client care approach and precise attention to detail carried throughout each individual treatment. This is formally recognised as 'The Fresco Effect'.

Brooke studied a Dual Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Screen and Media at The French Beauty Academy in 2018. She was awarded at her graduation ceremony as Holistic Spa Therapist of the Year, also being presented with the prestigious Valedictorian Honours Award. Brooke wanted to narrow her focus on the desire and passion to serve and care for others, whilst aligning her driven nature for business planning, management and marketing. From the essence of these two foundation attributes, evolution began on creating a space that reflected Brooke's core belief that "the true essence of beauty is about embracing yourself as a whole, and who you are as a person". Ultimately The Fresco Complexion was born.

Brooke's approach in providing exceptional and holistic care as a beauty therapist has ensured a community of loyal, dedicated clients who take to Brooke for a personalised, intimate treatment that targets individual concerns. 

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